Tree Support Systems

Tree Cabling & Bracing Services in Lake Orion and Oxford, MI

Timber Beast Tree Service has qualified arborists that are ready to inspect your trees and find out if anything presents a risk for the trees or surrounding property. We will diagnose the problem and recommend the proper support system. We follow the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TCIA) ANSI A300 standards for the installation and maintenance of supplemental tree support systems including cabling, bracing rods, and staking.

Types of Tree Support Systems

Some trees develop cracks due to a number of conditions, ranging from storm damage to poor nursery practices. Older trees with two or more trunks are particularly susceptible to cracking. In these instances, the installation of a support system onto the tree provides supplemental support to weak branches or crotches and reduces the risk of breaking or splitting.

Timber Beast Tree Service uses three types of tree support systems- Cabling, Bracing, and Staking. Our arborists will inspect your trees to determine which support system would best protect and improve your tree's structural integrity.

  • Cabling Support Systems

    Installation of cabling onto a tree provides support to weak branches or crotches by restricting the distance branches or leaders can move in relation to the rest of the tree. We use dynamic cabling systems that are made from synthetic roping and attachments which allow for more natural movement in the tree.

  • Bracing Rods

    The installation of screws, threaded-steel rods in leaders, trunks or vertical undersize structures of the tree provide supplemental support and reduce the probability of failure of one or more parts of the tree.

  • Staking Supports

    Staking is a support method used primarily on young, newly planted trees. This type of support system provides added reinforcement for young trees allowing them to grow a robust root system that will eventually allow them to stand on their own. Staking may also be used on more mature trees that were storm damaged.

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