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Timber Beast Tree Removal Services Can Help with Even the Largest Trees in Lake Orion and Oxford, MI

Is a tree crowding your home or outgrown its location? Is it diseased, rotting or hollow, insect infested, dead or dying, leaning or uprooting? Is an old tree ruining the growth and structure of the other plants around it? Is an overgrown tree blocking sunlight and providing too much shade, causing mildew, storm damaged, fallen or just an eyesore? If you can answer yes to any of those questions, then tree removal may be the best solution.

Our Low Impact Tree Removal Services Leave Your Yard in Exemplary Shape When We’re Finished

If you have trees on your property that you want removed, don’t hire a company that is going to use enormous, damaging equipment. We leave your yard in better shape than when we arrived by cleaning up around our work area, removing any leaves, sticks, branches, and even sawdust that may have resulted from our tree removal process.

We are different from most tree removal companies because our team of experts are actually climbing in the trees to remove them piece by piece, rather than using large bucket trucks that can tear up your lawn and landscaping. This allows us to reduce the amount of damage and impact on your yard as we remove the logs from the site. The only piece of equipment we use is a yard-friendly mini skid to help carry large logs from your yard to the curb where they are chipped or loaded for removal. We are also licensed and insured, so you can feel completely confident that our tree removal services are safe and reliable for you to employ.

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We Offer Efficient Lot Clearing Services for Development Sites

If you have a significant amount of trees on your property and would like to clear them all to develop the site, Timber Beast has the bandwidth and the equipment for complete lot clearing work in Lake Orion, Oxford, and our local surrounding areas. Lot clearing can seem like quite the undertaking when doing it yourself. We are capable of removing the tree at the stump and then grinding what is left into the ground, leaving no visible evidence of a tall tree missing from that spot, or we can go from the ground up and remove the tree, including its roots, in its entirety.

No matter how many trees you need cleared, our team works quickly with safety and efficiency as our top priorities to keep your development on track. Contact us today to see how quickly we can begin clearing your property.

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Why Should You Hire Timber Beast for Tree Removal Services?

Outside of low-impact removal and being fully licensed and insured, we are a company that will literally go above and beyond for our customers. If you don’t believe us, we invite you to check out our client reviews. We pride ourselves on taking extra time to fully understand your needs. When we are on your property, we work until the job is fully completed. The quality of our work has earned us a reputation that we are proud to carry. It is with all of this that we offer our services and back them with a 100% Timber Beast guarantee. If you want the best tree removal services in Lake Orion, Oxford and the surrounding areas, call us today!

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