Storm Damage Cleanup

24/7 Emergency Storm Cleanup and Tree Removal Services in Lake Orion and Oxford, MI

Trees are prone to storm damage from high winds, ice storms, lighting strikes, and more. Whether you have an uprooted or fallen tree, cracked or split tree, broken branches, or a tree fell on your house or car, we can help get your property back to normal quickly.

We Help with Storm Damage Cleanup No Matter the Season

When a powerful storm rips through our area, we are often left with trees that have broken branches that have fallen and giant messes on the ground. Timber Beast is here to deploy emergency services and storm damage cleanup whenever you need us. We can help cut up fallen trees, chip branches that impede your yard, and clean up any brush messes left on the ground from all of the fallen debris. No matter if the damage is in the street, on your property, or in your home, our team of tree experts can handle it all quickly so that you can get back to life before the storm. We can also inspect other trees on the property for less obvious damage to prevent unnecessary accidents later on. For fast storm damage assistance, contact Timber Beast now!

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