Stump Grinding

We Complete Tree Removal Jobs with Stump Grinding Services When Wanted

We offer stump grinding after tree removal or the option to leave the stump cut low as possible. Stump grinding can occur on the same day, next day, or on a future date if desired. If there is any concern for utilities interfering with the stump grinding, the necessary utility marking will take place before grinding begins.

Why Do We Recommend That Your Stumps Be Ground?

First and foremost, they aren’t an aesthetically pleasing addition to any landscape, especially when left over from a large tree removal. We understand that there are exceptions to this, but overall, our clients don’t want evidence of a tree that once was there to remain once the tree has been cut down. More often than not, our clients hire us to cut trees down to make more space in their yard. Leaving the stump there defeats that purpose, and also means that you still have to mow around it, even though the rest of the tree isn’t there. And of course, leftover stumps can be dangerous to someone who is unfamiliar with your yard or anyone who isn’t paying attention to where they’re walking. Because of all of this, we generally recommend that the stumps be ground to the floor of your landscaping.

Besides What Is Mentioned Above, Tree Stumps Also:

  • Offer a breeding ground for insects, ants, and termites

  • Make landscaping, such as laying new sod, difficult

  • Need to be grinded before new construction begins

  • Serve as nesting sites for rodents

  • Make hardscaping, such as installing patios and walkways impossible without removal

  • Can block or alter drainage in your yard

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We Use Only the Best Equipment for Stump Grinding in Lake Orion and Oxford, MI

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your stump is completely grinded into the ground to make way for whatever your intent is with your yard or property. We are also fully licensed and insured and back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk when you hire us. No matter what kind of tree help you may need, Timber Beast is here to offer quality services to take the headache away. Contact us today for outsidanting tree and stump grinding services.

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